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Brand Your Business

How do you want your business to be perceived? Successful? Established? Expensive, but worth it?

Incorporating a few key elements into your branding can go a long way toward making that perception a reality.


Business Branding Photography

If you are an entrepreneur, you need images to show who you are and what you do.

Visual Branding can include headshots, lifestyle portraits, and product photos, and they can be used for websites, social media, brochures, flyers, menus, and any other advertising publication.


Professional Headshots

It is so important to have a professional image anywhere that you represent yourself in business. Potential clients and employers want to see who they will be working with.

If you are an employee of a company, you might only need a headshot or two.

I'm Patty!


When I started my photography business in 2008, I quickly began focusing on helping others to define their brands with images. Soon, I found that many business owners and entrepreneurs didn't know what photographs they needed for their websites, social media, and print.

So I decided to create a plan to help them with their business purpose, mission statement, culture, and feel. To establish visual guidelines for marketing, whether online or in print, so that whoever is creating content knows what colors, fonts, symbols, and logos to use.

Now I'm providing full-service visual branding services for business, including not only branding photography, but also marketing calendar planning, help with choosing colors, fonts, logos, clothing and props for photoshoots, and preparation for entrepreneurs (determining how they want their businesses to be perceived, identifying their ideal client, and working to match the two.


Coach Starr Claiborne

Claiborne International Coaching Group

I have been working with Patty for about a week right now and she is absolutely amazing me with helping me take the guesswork out of the equation while working on my own business and household responsibilities. She is making this seem so effortless and I LOVE IT!

Vicky Bates, Owner

Maid in America

Words cannot express how deeply moved I was upon seeing this beautiful presentation of our Pink Ribbon Celebration. Patty Wells you are the sweetest lady for sharing your talent by putting love into pictures and videos.


Kathy Phillips, Owner

Project Style Georgia LLC

Just wanted to share how thrilled I am with my professional head shots. Your suggestions on dress and make up were very helpful to present myself in the best way. I can't wait to post my images to update my website and social media! Thanks for a fabulous experience and a fabulous job!

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