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Small Business DIY: Photography and Writing Essentials


Are you interested in mastering the art of producing captivating blogs, emails, and social media posts that not only resonate with your target customers but also give your small business a significant boost?


Struggling to find the right tools, time, and expertise for creating engaging and polished visual content to enhance your marketing efforts?


Do the challenges of competition and market saturation within the small business realm leave you feeling overwhelmed?


If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then this workshop is tailored for you!


Join me for an immersive 90-minute online workshop where you'll unlock the secrets of generating your own top-notch visual content for your small business, all from the convenience of your phone camera and a selection of user-friendly AI-powered applications.


Throughout this workshop, you'll gain invaluable insights into effectively planning, producing, and editing photos, graphics, and templates that brilliantly showcase your brand, products, and services.


Furthermore, discover how to use content to establish genuine connections with your target audience, stand out amidst competitors, and ultimately drive sales and conversions.


Upon completing this workshop, you'll achieve:

  • The expertise to capture the essence of your brand and small business lifestyle through skillful photography
  • A collection of graphic designs and templates, offering consistent and visually appealing content
  • A week's worth of social media posts, ready for immediate sharing with your audience
  • A concrete action plan to implement newfound knowledge and start producing stunning visual content for your small business


This workshop is a valuable resource for small business owners who aim to:

  • Optimize resources by creating their own eye-catching visual content, eliminating the need for outsourcing or relying on generic stock imagery
  • Leverage smartphone cameras and AI applications to generate professional-grade visual content with ease
  • Cultivate confidence and credibility by curating a personal brand that authentically embodies their values and aspirations
  • Enhance engagement and expand reach by crafting visual content that resonates with the audience and effectively communicates their unique selling proposition


Please note that this workshop is not suitable for individuals who:

  • Are unwilling to invest in their own growth and the betterment of their business
  • Lack interest in learning new skills or exploring innovative tools
  • Aren't prepared to put their acquired knowledge into actionable practice


Workshop Agenda:

  • Introduction to Small Business DIY: Photography and Writing Essentials
  • Strategic Content Planning and Idea Generation
  • Harnessing Visual Elements for Effective Marketing
  • Essential Tools and Applications
  • What to Wear for Your Photoshoot
  • Designing Graphics and Templates


About Me:

Hi! I'm Patty Wells, the Founder and Creative Director of Branding that Clicks. My specialization lies in Brand Photography and Content Creation for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. I also bring to the table experience from working with various small businesses.


I comprehend the challenges of producing distinctive visual content within the competitive landscape of small businesses. This is precisely why I've designed this workshop—to offer guidance on leveraging your smartphone camera and AI tools to create captivating content for your small business.


I'm enthusiastic about aiding you in establishing a personal brand that mirrors your values and aspirations. I'm equally thrilled to share my insights and techniques on effective planning, production, and enhancement of photos, graphics, and templates that showcase your brand, products, and services.


I look forward to having you join me in this workshop!

Small Business DIY: Photography and Writing Essentials

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