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DIY Photography Skills

For business owners who want to kickstart their business on social media NOW!

​Module 1

  • How to attract your perfect client by being YOU

    • Get the Big Picture with Stories and Emotions

    • Find Your Inspiration

Module 2

  • How branding your images helps you stay top of mind

    • Choose Your Brand Style

    • ​How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Brand​​

Module 3

  • Plan your photoshoot with the results in mind… know how you’ll use your images before you even start

    • Interactive Shot List

    • ​Create Your Storyboard
    • ​Use Your Phone Camera to Create More than a Selfie

Module 4

  • How to Create Photos that Showcase Your Expertise

    • Choose the Best Location(s) for Your Photoshoot

    • Minimize Distractions in the Backgrounds of Your Photos

    • Use Your Storyboard to Stay On-track During Your Photoshoot

    • What to Wear

    • Makeup for Photography

    • Posing Tips​

Module 5

  • How to build client relationships and create raving fans

    • Social Media Templates

    • ​Customize Your Templates
    • Upload Your Content to Social Media
    • ​​Social Media Calendar Templates
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