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A Brand Photographer's Secrets for Crushing It on Social Media

Attracting Your Ideal Clients on Social Media

requires strategy, visibility, and authentic connection

Social Media Overwhelm

(It’s a real thing!)


Have you ever sat down to post to your social media and been greeted by a blank page and a blinking cursor? Stressful, isn’t it?

Introducing... (1).png



It’s the social media program you didn’t know you needed. Once you go through the modules and do the work, you’ll not only have an idea of what to do, you’ll actually have a full-on implementation plan. Everything you need to begin posting immediately!


As a Brand Photographer, I know the importance of bringing your own personal flair to “that thing you do.”

It's the best way for you to stand out from the crowd!

To be honest, there are so many others who do exactly what you do. I mean, how many life coaches or chiropractors or virtual assistants are there in the world?

So you need to separate yourself from the pack. And the best way to do that is to show YOU!


You may think nobody wants to see you. That they only want to look at your products or your clients. But that’s not true!!! 

And if you’re uncomfortable being the center of attention, understand that your audience wants to get to know the real you. They don’t expect perfection! As a matter of fact, if everything seems too perfect, you can come across as unapproachable.


(Also, I’m really good at helping you look your absolute best on camera, so you don’t have to worry about looking silly. Unless you want to!)

What do you want your clients to know about you? How do you want them to see you?

When you use my Secrets to find the stories you want to tell (through words and images), you’ll have photos that will illustrate the ideas and concepts that you want your audience to understand.


Did you know? 

Research conducted by 3M Corporation shows us that images are processed 60,000 times faster than text.


Traffic Growth

Traffic growth is 12 times faster for businesses that use visual content than those that use text alone. 


What People Remember


80% of what they see

10% of what they hear

20% of what they read

This program IS NOT for:

  • The Instagram Influencer who easily uses social media to post selfies every day to her massive following.

  • The Professional Photographer looking to add Brand Photography to her portfolio.

  • The Social Media Marketer who wants to expand her substantial client base.


This program IS for:

  • The businesswoman who usually gets clients through word of mouth and doesn’t really know where her next client will come from.

  • The entrepreneur who is uncomfortable with social media and doesn’t know what to post.

  • The business owner looking for a way to connect with her ideal clients.

What you'll learn:


The Big Picture

  • Define your offer

  • Focus on the clients you really want to work with

  • Speak directly to them

Photography Studio


What to Wear

for Your Brand Photoshoot



Makeup for




Beauty Guide

Preparation Timeline

"Understanding my story and how I could tell it through photos was really big for me!"

I am so thrilled with the results from my Branded Photo Shoot with Patty Wells and Branding that Clicks! The pre-work we did to get ready for the shoot was INVALUABLE! I was able to pick out the branded outfits, bring in props and items that we included in the shoot, to make it so authentically on Brand! I use these shots everywhere, and because they included poses and props that were targeted to my audience, I feel so confident in sharing them on all SM platforms! Patty, you have made me feel so confident in my online presence and really upleveled my “Selfie” images to authentically branded shots, that lift my brand and my image to the professional I want my clients to see!

-Vicki Edge


"Patty helped me focus on how I wanted my brand represented!"

I had so much fun working with Patty on my business branding. She asked lots of questions before we started to help me focus on how I wanted my brand represented. Patty really captured my vision for how I wanted to present myself and Project Style Interior Design. I can’t wait to work with her again!


-Kathy Phillips


It’s time to stop procrastinating!

What are you waiting for?

(No, that’s not rhetorical. I really want to know!) 

To get just
the right haircut?
To lose that
last 10 pounds?
To feel worthy of
having your picture taken?

This may sound harsh, but waiting to use social media effectively is costing you money!!!


Ready to

Tap the computer screen below to enroll for

Crush It on Social Media?



Patty Wells is the creator of Branding that Clicks, a branding, photography, and social media agency in Atlanta, Georgia. A photographer since 2008, Patty quickly realized that she wanted to help entrepreneurs and business owners present themselves through amazing photos online. As Facebook and other social platforms grew in popularity, she launched Branding that Clicks to help her clients develop consistent branding and guide them through the ever-changing world of social media. Patty works with businesswomen both locally and virtually to create authentic, business-focused social media and truly connect to their ideal clients.

Got Questions?

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