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The Program

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Words about my program: Imagine...


"Patty really captured my vision."

"I had so much fun working with Patty on my business branding. She asked lots of questions before we started to help me focus on how I wanted my brand represented. Patty really captured my vision for how I wanted to present myself and Project Style Interior Design. I can’t wait to work with her again!"

Kathy Phillips

Project Style Interior Design

Get access to my powerful tools to help you create your unique brand so that you can attract and connect with your ideal clients! 

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Do you have

trouble connecting with your audience?


Does social media

take up way too much of your time?


Do you feel awkward

having your

picture taken?


Are you overwhelmed

by the thought of

marketing your business?

Branding that CLICKS: The Program will lead you through visually branding your business, planning and completing a photoshoot, and creating social media that creates a real connection between you and your ideal clients, so that they want to do business with you!

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